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Artocarpus camansi

Artocarpus camansiArtocarpus camansi

Artocarpus camansi, the bread nut, is a medium-sized tree found in the mulberry family Moraceae. Native to Papua New Guinea, it is a relative of the breadfruit and is commonly used as a staple crop. Other common names for plant include chataigne or castaña (French and Spanish for the unrelated but culinarily similar chestnut”) in the Caribbean, para de peptic, kamansi in the Philippines, and kapok in New Guinea.

Artocarpus caimans is endemic to New Guinea and possibly Indonesia and the Philippines. There is speculation that breadfruit, Artocarpus altilis, the most widely used breadfruit, was selectively bred from Artocarpus caimans. If such is the case indeed, then the bread nut would be very significant to the original colonizers of the Pacific Islands because breadfruit was and still is a staple crop and would have contributed to viable human populations on those islands.

Source: Wikipedia

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